About Us

We specialize in providing insurance solutions to Independent Auto Dealers of Texas and understand their unique challenges. We cultivated relationships and work with the largest insurance carriers in the world but our first priority is our dealers! Unlike “Direct Writers”, who’s agent only provide the products of a single company; our independent agency offers auto dealers a competitive insurance solution from a wide range of carriers. We take on the responsibility of comparing rates side-by-side for each these carriers.

Auto Dealers Insurance Group is a Division of FIT Insurance Agency; based in North Texas but we work with Texas Dealers throughout Texas to provide; Garage liability, dealers open lot, spot deliveries, loaner cars, multiple locations, employee theft, false pretense coverage, catastrophic loss including hail damage and floods, specialty inventory, workers’ compensation, employee benefits insurance, and umbrellas policies that provide peace of mind.

We have specialize Coverage Solutions™ for Auto Dealers Located in:

With 254 counties in Texas, we work with auto dealers in every county throughout Texas, this gives us a unique advantage. We want to be a informational resource about the industry throughout Texas; content & links will be consistently added to help all Texas dealers, GM’s, CFO’s, Stakeholders and independent owners make informed decision & risk management assessments.

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